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Physical activity is a part of total wellness programme. To be successful in life one has to be physically fit.The department works towards the health, fitness and wellbeing of the entire Magadh Mahilla College community.The college is going to start a well equipped gym to cater to the needs of students looking for cardio-vascular workouts.

A few outstanding performance of our students at Senior National level are:-

Name of game Name of Championship Date/Place of championship Player's Name Achievements

Open rating Chess Championship

Bihar state senior team Chess Championship

9th Senior national team Chess Championship

14th - 18th feb' 12, Chennai

10th - 12th feb' 12, Muzaffarpur

22nd - 28th Feb' 12, Kochi

Minki Sinha, Pammi Rani

Minki Sinha, Pammi Rani

Minki Sinha, Pammi Rani


IST Place

8TH Place


Senior National Championship

Junior National Championship

8th - 12th feb' 12, Jaipur

21st - 23rd June' 12, Shrinagar

Upasna Singh, Barkha Dutta, Shreya Kr.

Upasna Singh, Neha Rani, Smiriti Srivastav, Sunny Mehta


4TH Place

T.T 73rd Senior National T.T Championship 23rd - 29th Jan' 12, Lucknow Suparna Joshi Participation
Ball Badminton 10th East Zone Championship 10th - 12th June' 12, Hazipur Neha Rani Runner
Throw Ball 37th Senior National Championship 28th - 31st Dec'11, Chattisgarh Neha, Jyoti, Upasna, Akanksha, Seema Participation
Softball Cricket 6th Senior National Championship 9th - 12th June, Rajasthan Shavitri, Savita, Rashi, Neha, Uma Runner
Basketball Women's Senior National Championship 25th - 28th Nov'11, M.P. Upasna, Niharika Participation


The facilities being provided inside the Campus are as following:-

1.      Throwball Court

2.      Ball Badminton Court

3.      Basketball Court

4.      Kabaddi  Court

5.      Table Tennis Court


The College Sports committee :-

President            :-          Prof. Meera Verma

P.T.I.                 :-          Mrs. Mitali Mitra

Secretary            :-          Sunny Mehta(B.A. III)

Asst. Secretary    :-          Upasna Singh(B.A. II)



The Principal

Prof. (Dr.) Dharmshila Prasad

Annual Reports

Annual Report - 2008

Annual Report - 2009

Annual Report - 2010

Annual Report - 2011

Annual Report - 2012

Annual Report - 2013

Annual Report - 2014

General Enquiry

Time for Enquiry
12 noon to 4 pm

Principal Office

Mr. Jawaid Hussain

Admission to SPSS Course
January 05, 2016

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